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09 de June de 2024. 4:28 pm.

Club de Futbol Monterrey informs our Fans and the Media that it agreed with Cruz Azul the definitive transfer of player Valeria Valdez.

The midfielder arrived at Rayadas in the Apertura 2018 Tournament and quickly became an important part of the albiazul midfield.

During her time with Rayadas, Valeria played 203 official games, and is one of the six players who won three championships with Rayadas.

With Monterrey, Valdez won the 3 championships in the Apertura 2019, 2021 and Clausura 2024 tournaments.

Valeria began her career in women's soccer as a photographer at Estadio BBVA for a local media outlet, and later tried out for the Rayadas, where she demonstrated her soccer talent and became part of the Monterrey squad.

The Club is grateful for Valdez's contribution and hopes she continues to be successful.

Thank you, Valeria!

Club de Futbol Monterrey
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Andrés Jiménez

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