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Accreditation Regulations

Accreditations are non-transferable.  

The use of accreditation is subject to the guidelines established by the Club de Futbol Monterrey Rayados and the Estadio BBVA, therefore any misuse of the accreditation will be sanctioned in accordance with the established provisions. The bearer may be evicted from the Estadio BBVA.

Accreditations can only be processed by the editor or person responsible of the corresponding media. If the journalist or collaborator of the media is the applicant, the information must be validated with the Club through the editor or person responsible of the media.

Accreditations requested by or for minors are not approved.

Accredited persons may only enter the areas or places indicated by the accreditations. 

Accreditations do not entitle the holder to enter the parking lots of the Estadio BBVA, occupy a seat or stay in entrances and/or corridors.

Reproduction, copying or alteration of accreditations is prohibited. Any person caught with a forgery will be reported to the corresponding authorities.

Accredited persons are prohibited from accessing the Estadio BBVA with clothing (t-shirt, cap, pants or any other item) from clubs in the Liga BBVA MX and the Liga BBVA MX Femenil, with the exception of members of Communication or related areas of the clubs.

By accepting the accreditation, the holder and his Media agree that neither the Club nor the Estadio BBVA are liable or subject to a claim for any damages suffered by the accredited. 

The person accredited must have the accreditation in a visible place throughout their stay at the Estadio BBVA.  

The accredited person must enter through the indicated door and respect the entry and exit times. 

In case of misuse, the accreditation will be withdrawn from its bearer, and only the editor or person responsible for the Media may request a new accreditation for the journalist.

Any loss of accreditation must be reported to the Institutional Relations and Media Department of the Club.

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