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Image: Mexsport


14 de April de 2024. 12:48 am.

It was a vibrant finish and tie in front of more than 50 thousand fans!

With the unceasing support of the fans at Estadio BBVA, Rayados fought and searched for the win during the 90 minutes, and in the end managed to recover from a 3-1 deficit to draw 3-3 with Tigres in the 135th Clasico Regio match.

1' RAYADOS 0-1 TIGRES | Juan Brunetta

After a cross from the right flank, Juan Brunetta shot inside the box to open the scoring for the visitors.

8' RAYADOS 1-1 TIGRES | Luis Romo

Luis Romo gave the ball to Sergio Canales, who returned the wall by roofing it over the defensive line. Romo received inside the box and fired a right-footed shot to tie the match.

Jesus Gallardo came close to giving Monterrey the lead in the 21st minute, but the play ended in a goal kick.

Maxi Meza also came close to scoring at minute 41, after a great cross from Gerardo Arteaga, but the ball was not powerful enough.

45' RAYADOS 1-2 TIGRES | Fernando Gorriaran

After a cross from Oziel Herrera in stoppage time, Fernando Gorriaran pushed the ball in and gave the visitors the lead.

In the second half, Fernando Ortiz's men looked to get back on track, but a goal at the start of the second half complicated the situation.

46' RAYADOS 1-3 TIGRES | Juan Brunetta

In the first play of the second half, Juan Brunetta finished off a counterattack to score Tigres' third.

Brandon Vazquez came close to cutting the deficit in the 52nd minute when, in front of goalkeeper Carlos Rodriguez, he shot, but the ball hit the outside of the goal.

Minutes later, Sergio Canales tried a shot from half distance, but his shot ended up in the goalkeeper's hands.

61' RAYADOS 2-3 TIGRES | Gerardo Arteaga

After a great play, Jordi Cortizo sent a filtered pass to Gerardo Arteaga, who shot on goal to close the gap. Great team play!

In the final stretch, Rodrigo Aguirre connected with a header that was blocked by the defense. On the rebound, Berterame also headed towards goal, but again the feline defense saved on the line.

100' RAYADOS 3-3 TIGRES | German Berterame

Sergio Canales took a corner kick and German Berterame headed the ball home with a lethal header to tie the match and unleash an explosion of euphoria from the Tigres fans.

At the end of the match, Tigres player Javier Aquino received a red card for complaining to the referee.

With this result, Rayados remain in third place in the Clausura 2024 BBVA MX League Tournament, with 29 points.

On Saturday, April 20, at 17:00, the Rayados will visit Club Leon at the Nou Camp for Matchday 16.

Andrés Jiménez

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