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Imagen - Israel Salazar


11 de April de 2024. 12:12 am.

In front of the Estadio BBVA overflowing with passion, joy and madness, Rayados defeated Inter of Miami 3-1 in the second leg of the Quarter Finals and advanced to the Semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

In the first leg in Miami, the score was 2-1 in favor of Monterrey, making the aggregate score 5-2.

Monterrey started the match intensely, pushing and searching for the opponent's goal, which was reflected in the scoreboard to unleash the joy of the 53,032 fans who filled the Casa Rayada and who were cheering on the team every second of the match.

Brandon Vazquez had the first dangerous opportunity of the match at minute 8, when he connected with a header from a free kick taken by Sergio Canales, but goalkeeper Drake Callender prevented the goal.

Germán Berterame took a mid-range shot at minute 15 and the ball went into the side of the goal, but the goalkeeper deflected again and the ball went for a corner kick.

Luis Suárez passed to Lionel Messi, who shot on the edge of the area, but the ball went over Esteban Andrada's goal.

31' RAYADOS 1-0 INTER MIAMI | Brandon Vazquez

Brandon Vazquez put pressure on goalkeeper Drake Callender, who tried to pass to one of his defenders. Brandon intercepted the ball and, with a feint, beat the goalkeeper and sent the ball into the back of the net.

In the 45th minute, Esteban Andrada controlled a scissors kick by Lionel Messi, great, "Sabandija"!

In the second half, Monterrey continued to push and with goals from German Berterame and Jesus Gallardo sealed the win.

Jesus Gallardo got past two defenders on the left flank, entered the box and took a powerful shot at 57', but the goalkeeper kept the ball.

58' RAYADOS 2-0 INTER MIAMI | Germán Berterame

German Berterame made two breaks and shot with fury from outside the box to drive the ball into the upper right corner. Great Goal!

64' RAYADOS 3-0 INTER MIAMI | Jesus Gallardo

German Berterame sent in a cross and Jesús Gallardo connected with a header to score Monterrey's third goal.

At minute 78, Inter Miami defender Jordi Alba was sent off for a second yellow card after a foul on Maxi Meza.

85' RAYADOS 3-1 INTER MIAMI | Diego Gomez

After a free kick taken by Lionel Messi, Diego Gomez headed in Miami's goal.

With this result, Rayados achieved their tenth consecutive win in CONCACAF club competitions, and reached 17 matches undefeated in the confederation's tournament.

This Saturday, April 13, Rayados will host Club Tigres at Estadio BBVA to play classic Regio match #135 and complete Matchday 14 of the Clausura 2024 Tournament. Let's go, Rayados!

Andrés Jiménez