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Imagen - Pamela Zuñiga


22 de March de 2024. 2:54 pm.

Powerful, emotional and inspiring messages for women resounded this Thursday at Estadio BBVA during the "M in life and on the court" Forum.

With the attendance of hundreds of women at Casa de las Rayadas, the second edition of the event was held, which seeks for successful women to share with more women the challenges they have had to overcome to develop professionally and personally.

The event, organized by Club de Futbol Monterrey for Women's Month and which was live streamed through Rayadas' official social media, brought together women of all ages who enjoyed, were moved and inspired by the life stories of the panelists.

The forum was divided into three talks with three guests in each talk, in which they discussed the development and opportunities for women in the areas of work, academics, sports and family.

The panelists shared the challenges they had to overcome to grow in their careers.

Maria Fernanda Mora, journalist, commentator and promoter of Liga BBVA MX Femenil, was the moderator of the event.

The first panel, entitled "In Life," featured Olimpia Coral, Mexican lawyer and activist; Martha Soto, VP On Air Talent at TUDN; and Lorena Vazquez-Ordaz, Director of Chipinque Ecological Park.

Olimpia Coral inspired the attendees to fight for their dreams and their rights, and to support each other.

"Changing fear on your side does not mean that fear disappears, but that you can move forward. With fear, but you move forward. We want to represent ourselves. When one is saved, we are all saved," she said as the audience applauded, as they did during the presentations of all the panelists.

Martha Soto spoke about women supporting women, and how they can all grow together.

"To be an activist is to support the one who comes after you. We have to support our team. Everything will be possible, but we have to support each other," she said.

Lorena Vazquez-Ordaz encourage women to lead projects that make them stand out.

"Let's be irreverent and be uncomfortable. Lead without caring and developing the tolerance of not being liked. If you stay, you don't advance. We need to move forward and work on ourselves. We have to be uncomfortable and brave women," she said.

The second panel, entitled "On the Field," featured Silvia Rico, Planning and Communications Manager of Club de Futbol Monterrey; Mariana Gutierrez, Director of Liga BBVA MX Femenil; and Nelly Simón, Sports Director of Chivas Femenil.

They talked about what it means to enter the world of women's sports in an industry that until a few years ago was dominated by men.

Silvia Rico motivated the women in attendance with a powerful message.

"You have to prepare, learn, study, but above all believe in your strengths, knowledge and abilities, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't, because you can," she said energetically.

Nelly Simon recalled that she was one of the first to enter the world of sports journalism and now supports the new generations to continue along the path.

"I was one of the first generations of women who tried to be a journalist, communicator and debater. That through soccer, we can support a girl is the best thing we can do for them," she shared.

Mariana Gutierrez highlighted the growth of women's soccer in Mexico and the world, and assured that there is no turning back.

"Talking about women and soccer means that millions of women can watch the Women's World Cup, the W Gold Cup and, now, the Summer Cup. What a privilege that the Women's League, the Federation and soccer in Mexico are spearheading the way for other sports to excel!"

"That women's soccer is valued as an attractive product is the biggest challenge facing this sport," she said.

The third and final panel had the hallmark of the house, as it was the turn of Rayadas players to give their messages and answer questions from the audience.

Rebeca Bernal, captain of the Rayadas, spoke about the daily struggle of women and invited them to believe in themselves.

"There are many women who have fought for us and for us to be here, and this is thanks to them. Believe in yourselves and fight for what you want. The road is never easy, but it will be worth it," she said.

Merel Van Dongen commented on the challenges and how women can get ahead from a young age.

"Women together are very strong. The biggest challenge is to unite with all this success and to be able to work together. When women come together, we can achieve many things," she said.

Diana Garcia encouraged the girls and young women not to give up and to go forward to achieve their dreams.

"Both in Mexico, as in the world, you can do incredible things, believing in the person next to you, regardless of gender. Giving up is out of the question. I wipe my knees, dry my tears and move forward," she said.

Amelia Valverde, technical director of the Rayadas, expressed her gratitude for what soccer has given her and said that you should never doubt yourself, and always try and go forward until the last moment.

"I didn't think soccer would give me so much. It has given me, it has taken from me and it has made me the person I am. Never let doubt cross your mind about what you want to do. Don't doubt anything, it's like a soccer match, anything can happen until the referee blows the whistle," he commented.

During the question-and-answer session, Yamile Franco, a player of the albiazul, asked for applause and recognition for

Eva Espejo, sports director of the Rayadas, who is an important part of the team's history.

In a spontaneous moment that reflected the good atmosphere and communion in the forum, Karen, a Rayadas fan, was invited by Merel to come up to the stage and share a moment with the players.

Karen led the question and answer session for a moment and took a souvenir photo with the panelists.

At the end of the event, a workshop was held, in which the Rayadas players, as well as the attendees and the panelists of the "M in life and on the court" Forum were able to get to know each other even better.

Many thanks to all the women panelists and attendees!

Andrés Jiménez