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Image - Pamela Zuñiga


05 de March de 2024. 1:01 pm.

 To the jubilation and joy of the "albiazul" fans, Rayadas de Monterrey defeated Santos Femenil 6-0 in Matchday 9 of the Torneo Clausura 2024.

Rayadas started the match by attacking and Myra Delgadillo, who scored a hat-trick, opened the scoring.

Ana Lucía Martínez had the first dangerous play of the match at minute 3, with a shot that went just wide of the goal.

8' RAYADAS 1-0 SANTOS FEMENIL | Myra Delgadillo

Christina Burkenroad set up Myra Delgadillo, who shot powerfully inside the box for the first goal of the match.

27' RAYADAS 2-0 SANTOS FEMENIL | Tanna Sanchez

Nicole Pérez took a corner kick that Tanna Sánchez connected with a header to score her first goal as an Albiazul player.

31' RAYADAS 3-0 SANTOS FEMENIL | Myra Delgadillo

Myra Delgadillo volleyed home from Ana Lucía Martínez' cross.

39' RAYADAS 4-0 SANTOS FEMENIL | Nicole Perez

After stealing the ball from defender Michel Ruiz on the edge of the box, Nicole Pérez shot over the goalkeeper and scored a great goal at Casa Rayada.

In the second half, Amelia Valverde's team extended the lead and took the win at Casa Rayada.

56' RAYADAS 5-0 SANTOS FEMENIL | Myra Delgadillo

After a series of rebounds from a corner kick taken by Nicole Perez, Myra Delgadillo shot on goal and scored her third goal of the match, a hat-trick!

61' RAYADAS 6-0 SANTOS FEMENIL | Merel van Dongen

Just two minutes after entering the field, Merel van Dongen scored a great goal from a free kick.

Daniela Monroy was sent off for a foul on Alexxandra Ramirez at minute 68.

With this result, the team coached by Amelia Valverde reached 19 points and is in fourth place in the overall standings, tied on points, goal difference and goals scored with America, but with fewer goals as visitors.

This Friday, March 8, at 5:00 p.m., Rayadas will visit Leon at Camp Nou for Matchday 10.

Andrés Jiménez