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Imagen - Pamela Zuñiga


19 de January de 2024. 11:52 am.

Monterrey started the match pushing. Yamile Franco had the first dangerous opportunity at minute 2, with a mid-range shot that landed in the hands of goalkeeper Valeria Martínez.

8' RAYADAS 1-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Fátima Servín
Fátima Servín opened the scoring with a well-placed shot from outside the box.

16' RAYADAS 2-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Myra Delgadillo
After a great play by Ana Lucía Martínez, Myra Delgadillo fired in a right-footed shot to score Monterrey's second.

22' RAYADAS 3-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Nicole Pérez
With a powerful cross shot from outside the box, Nicole Pérez scored a great goal.

42' RAYADAS 4-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Jermaine Seoposenwe
Myra Delgadillo set up Jermaine Seoposenwe, who scored with a cross-shot to make it 4-0 and go to the break.

In the second half, Amelia Valverde's team kept pushing high and increased the score.

57' RAYADAS 5-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Yamile Franco
After a great combination between Nicole Pérez, Myra Delgadillo and Yamile Franco, the latter shot across the face of goal and scored the fifth.

58' RAYADAS 6-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Valeria Valdez
Valeria Valdez volleyed in a goal for Rayadas' sixth goal just minutes after entering the field.

Reyna Velazquez handled the ball inside the box at minute 87 and the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Rayadas.

88' RAYADAS 7-0 NECAXA FEMENIL | Rebeca Bernal
With a powerful right-footed shot, Rebeca Bernal made the penalty kick effective.

With this victory, the albiazules are in second place in the overall standings with 7 points.

It is worth noting that Juana Plata and Tanna Sánchez, reinforcements for the Rayadas for the Torneo Clausura 2024, made their debut with Monterrey in the win over the Centellas.

This Sunday 21, at 4:00 p.m., the Rayadas will visit Querétaro to play Matchday 4 at the Corregidora Stadium.



Andrés Jiménez