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Fotos: Mexsport


13 de January de 2024. 8:14 pm.

Rayadas del Monterrey drew 2-2 against Pachuca Femenil in Matchday 2 of the Clausura 2024, played at the Hidalgo Stadium.

The match started with intensity. Tuzas took the lead thanks to a brace by Charlyn Corral in the first half, but Rayadas did not give up and tied in the second half.

3' PACHUCA FEMENIL 1-0 RAYADAS | Charlyn Corral
Charlyn Corral opened the scoring at Estadio Hidalgo with a powerful shot from the edge of the box.

25' PACHUCA FEMENIL 2-0 RAYADAS | Charlyn Corral
Charlyn Corral shot inside the box and "roofed" Alejandría Godinez to score her brace.

At minute 28, Jermaine Seoposenwe came close to scoring Rayadas' first, but the ball hit the crossbar!

In the second half, Amelia Valverde's team managed to tie the score.

47' PACHUCA FEMENIL 2-1 RAYADAS | Myra Delgadillo
With a powerful header, Myra scored the Rayadas' first goal and brought the Albiazul team closer on the scoreboard.

Valeria del Campo made a great defensive play at minute 56 with a deflected header to prevent the home team's third goal.

79' PACHUCA FEMENIL 2-2 RAYADAS | Jermaine Seoposenwe
After a great cross from Ana Lucia Martinez, Jermaine Seoposenwe headed home to tie the match.

With this result, the Rayadas reached 4 points and moved into fifth place in the overall standings.

On Thursday, January 18, at 9:00 pm, the Rayadas will host Necaxa at Estadio BBVA for Matchday 3 of the Clausura 2024.

Andrés Jiménez