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28 de August de 2023. 7:40 pm.

Club de Futbol Monterrey Rayados and SRS Distribution signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement for the United States.

SRS Distribution became the first exclusive sponsor of Rayados in the United States, which represents a significant step in the quest to expand the Club de Futbol Monterrey’s footprint in U.S. territory. 

Xavier Sanchez, commercial director of the Club, expressed his gratitude for the trust invested in the Club and gave the starting signal in the search for success for both institutions.

“SRS Distribution, an outstanding company in the construction products industry, joins us as a partner, committed to our mission to bring us closer to our Fans in the United States.”

“Together, we will share exciting moments as we move forward through this stage. This partnership is a mutual commitment to continue building connections and growing together. We look forward to exciting moments and to seeing how this partnership strengthens the presence of Rayados and SRS Distribution in the U.S.”, stated the Rayados executive.

The sponsorship will allow SRS Distribution to have a presence at Rayados’ events in the North American market through a brand association.

“They will have benefits to activate at matches and events, which will allow us to build a solid and lasting relationship”, he said.

Missy Morgan, Vice President of Marketing for SRS Distribution, assured that the sponsorship alliance is very important for them, since they will have the possibility to bring the company and the Club closer to Latinos and their families living in the United States.

“Being able to reach our Latin American consumers in the United States through the Rayados is very important, not only as a company, but as a service to our customers. The sponsorship is very important to us. We are very happy and we want to stay with Rayados for many years”, she said. 

“We want to reach a space where they feel comfortable, and having this alliance with Rayados helps us show authenticity, which is something we believe in: being close to our contractors and their families”, she said.

Edgar Saucedo, Sales and Marketing Manager for SRS Distribution, highlighted the importance of being close to the fans of an institution as big as Monterrey.

“We are very happy to be a part of this footprint expansion. We want our clients to see that we are part of events with top quality institutions, such as the Club de Futbol Monterrey. We want to be a part of family activities. We are pleased with the events we will have in the United States and we thank the Rayados for their trust”, he said.

Xavier Sanchez highlighted that the team's good performance and commitment in the Leagues Cup 2023 was key to achieving this sponsorship.

“The Leagues Cup was an event in the plan we had for the footprint expansion in the United States. We had been working for some time on how to develop the brand and have a greater presence in the American market. The Leagues Cup helped us a lot because of our participation and the presence before different audiences”, said the Rayados executive.

Andrés Jiménez