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Imagen - Joaquín Jiménez


11 de Febrero de 2020. 1:36 pm.

Today we play the Quarterfinals of the Copa MX, and Vincent Janssen knows that this is his time to prove his value.

The Holand feels good playing for Rayados, although he knows this hasn’t been a good Tournament start for the Team, and they have to change some things to go back to basics.

“Very good, very happy, the last month has been with ups and downs, but obviously with the Championship was amazing, we have to continue, this last games were not good, we are sure that in the next cumple of game will be better”, he says.

The adaptation to the Mexican football style was difficult for Vincent, but with the support of the teammates and staff, everything was easier.

“In the beginning was complicated because you come from a different county, a different style of football, but I get used to it very quickly because of everyone in here, they were so good, and now im here”, said Vincent.

He’s thankful with the people in the Club for all that had been done for him ando he wants to give it back with good games and obviously titles.

“They help me a lot, form the beginning straight away, they help me a lot, im very grateful for that, y thank them a lot and I was very happy to help the team in the games and obviously in the first months to win a title is amazing”, Vincent Janssen.

He knows that the Team hasn’t been playing as we are used to, but with the mentality and the features that the Team possess, they will go back up faster than we expect.

“Its difficult because obviously you want to play every game, but in the end its up to the coach and if he decides to put me on the bench ill just fight when I enter the pitch for the team, and fight with everyone, I appreciate that im here and I have the opportunity to play for rayados so every minute I get I try to do as good as possible and I respect every decision I just wanna help the team”, continue.

The Team isn’t happy with the results, we know we can do better, we have to recover the mentality and the good football made in the las Tournament so we can go back and fight for the Championships one more time.

“We are not very happy whit how we started, we have just two points, is not what we wanted, but if we stay together the we know everything is possible with the players that we haver, cause we have a lot of qualities so, if we are gonna put the work in what we did last tournament im sure we are gonna make a great tournament”, he told us.

To all the Fans, Vincent asks for their support continuously and to no stand back, be more intense and cheer up so the Team can go back up one more time.

“Keep supporting us as always, is what you do al the time, keep supporting us, keep going, we are trying to give you back all the effort and hopefully win titles” says at last.

Joaquín Jiménez

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